Our clotheslines can also be custom made in size and colour to suit YOUR specific requirements

Welcome to City Living Clotheslines. We are an Australian owned company based in Sydney and have been manufacturing clothes lines or washing lines, since the mid 1970’s. We pride ourselves in being one of the few remaining companies still manufacturing products in Australia and using only locally sourced materials where available. All the work is carried out in our own premises on Sydney’s southern outskirts.

City Living Clotheslines is a manufacturing wholesale distributor with a select number of retailers throughout Australia with direct web sales and shopfronts who have the knowledge to assist customers with the purchase of standard size clotheslines or special requirements for custom made clotheslines.

Ground mounted clothes line clotheslines

Quality products for indoor and outdoor

Looking at our products page you will see just how unique our range of products is. The four most spectacular innovations in clothes line design since prehistoric man (or woman) decided to hang their bearskins out to dry, are in our “URBAN SERIES” range. They are the LOW-line”, STUDIO-line”, "PORTABLE -line" and the“DANDY-line”.

  • The advantage and versatility of the LOW-line” in providing double decker hanging space increases your total line space without consuming more of your valuable yard space.
  • Then if you want a well thought out clothes line for your balcony, laundry or garage or if your outdoor space is restricted, then the STUDIO-line” could be just the thing to fill the gap.
  • The "PORTABLE-line" is designed to give maximum drying space in an area where no fixing attachment is available for a permanent clothesline.
  • The “DANDY-line” is perfect for mounting over the laundry tub to dry clothes overnight or in inclement weather and it saves you the expense of running a power hungry clothes dryer.

A variety of clothes line choices

As part of our comprehensive service, not only do we offer these fabulous exclusive designs, but a full range of fold down clothes line models to match everything else on the market. Our standard range is the biggest available but if one of those doesn’t meet your needs then we will custom build the best clothes line possible for you. We custom create clothes lines to go:

  • Inside laundries
  • In backyards
  • Against sheds
  • Free standing
  • Against fences
  • Base plates on existing concrete

“Now what about colour?” I hear you say! Our selection of standard colours is not only the biggest and most varied on the market but we can access 36 different colours to match your outdoor living décor.

Portable clothes line proudly made in australia